End of Open Week – You Can Still Book a Factory Tour

Jenks & Cattell’s official engineering open ‘day’ week has now finished! This does not mean that it is too late to see our metal pressing, laser cutting, fabrication, CNC machining and both manual and robotic welding in action in Wolverhampton – we encourage everyone to get in touch with our Sales team or book on our website: https://jcel.co.uk/open-day/

If booking on our website, please enter your most convenient date and our team will confirm our availability to suit. From the tour you can expect our corporate presentation and factory tour, and see first hand what we manufacture for some world leading OEMs.

Our February engineering open day attracted a lot of attention from potential suppliers, which has lead to our team thinking about hosting a supplier open day later in the year, so please look out for this. In addition, we will be hosting another open day for potential customers in the Summer when the latest machinery investment will be in place.

We pride ourselves on offering potential customers a chance to speak with our experienced metalwork engineers to discuss projects from prototype stage through to production, and identify what is the most efficient manufacturing route. Our team will complete on-the-day feasibility discussions from a part or engineering drawing and advise which process is most suitable from laser cutting to CNC machining to metal pressing, and we will always aim to offer cost saving ideas and achievable tolerances.

If you are currently at the beginning stage of designing a metal prototype for pressing/stamping manufacturing method, we hope our ‘Metal Stamping is Cost Effective’ page is helpful: https://jcel.co.uk/metal-stamping-is-most-cost-effective/   



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