Metal Stamping is Most Cost Effective

Metal stamping is one of the quickest, most cost-effective methods of manufacturing metal components. Complex components are quickly formed, pierced, coined and swaged using a bespoke press tool guaranteeing a high level of repeatability.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd have been in the metal pressing industry since 1886 and have a vast amount of experience in supplying pressed metal components all over the world. We have taken the time to address some frequently asked questions:

What is a press tool?

A press tool is a bespoke Punch and Die mechanism that is capable of manipulating ferrous or non-ferrous metal sheet or coil in a multitude of ways. Forming, Piercing, Blanking, Bending, Embossing and Trimming are all possible (sometimes con-currently) to form simple or complex components at a high rate of components per minute.

What materials can we stamp?

We can form gauges between 0.5mm and 12mm. We regularly use stainless steel, mild steel, spring steel, copper, brass and aluminium. If you have a particular project in mind, please get in touch so we can discuss the optimum process route.

What volume of components is metal stamping suitable for?

We usually deem annual volumes of over 5,000 suitable. This is because there is an initial investment in the tool, but the unit cost of the component will be significantly cheaper than laser cutting for example, thus the cost of the tool generating a payback after 5,000 components.


Process Route Unit Cost


Tool Cost How many components until a saving is made?
Laser Cutting £5.50 n/a
Metal Pressing £0.50 £15,000 3,181

This shows that although there is an initial expense of £15,000 for the tool, after 3,181 there is an instant payback and cost saving for all future components.

What presses do you have?

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd operate with presses ranging from 40 to 1,000 tonnes. This includes single operation presses, progression presses and an AIDA transfer line. Most are fitted with automated coil feeders to add extra efficiency.

What is progression stamping tool?

The press tool has multiple stages built in, and as the sheet material is fed it literally moves along the press forming a different element at each blow.

What other services do you have?

If the volumes are not high enough to warrant press tooling, we have two laser cutting machines which do not require any tooling investment. For prototype and conception phases, we are able to laser cut components or manufacture via soft tooling.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd can complete both functional and mechanical assemblies with our manual, spot, projection and robot welding facilities.

You can view our full equipment list here:

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