Laser Fabrication

Laser Cutting Process

Laser cutting, fabrication and sheet metal forming is a key process of our Wolverhampton manufacturing facility.

Our top of the range Trumpf flatbed laser profiling facilities are ideal for a cost effective sub-contract laser cutting service to manufacture sheet metal prototypes or complex components with volumes less than 5,000 per year.

Cutting & forming sheet metal from 0.5mm to 25mm thick with 0.2mm accuracy, our team work with all customers to assist with the design and feasibility of products to manufacture them in the most competitive method.

Our laser machines can manufacture a comprehensive range of simple and complex laser cut metal components at a high quality and competitive prices, with:

  • JIT delivery of 72 hours
  • Cost effective for low volume (1 to 5000)
  • Cutting and forming complex metal parts
  • No tooling investment

Laser Cutting Engineering Company

“We have invested over £2 million in our laser fabrication department for our customers to make cost and time savings from our sub-contract laser cutting services.

Customers can take advantage of our ability to laser cut, form and weld metal components to an accuracy level of 0.2mm on materials up to 25mm thick and 3 meters in length.

Little to zero tooling investment gives our customers freedom to manufacture prototypes and low volume production of metal components on our laser.

Sub-Contract Laser Fabrication

We have an additional added value manufacturing capability and skill to brake press form, bend, CNC machine and robotically weld and surface finish components that have been produced on our 3-axis laser cutting machine.

Excellent Quality Laser Cutting

Our laser machine produces highly accurate components with superior edge quality. All components are manufactured by experienced operators and under stringent quality standards.

Our laser cut components follow ISO 9001 quality procedures. With our extreme engineering quality focus, we are credible to manufacture low-volume pre production laser cut metal parts for leading OEM’s in various industries, which can often support a metal pressings or stampings project in pre-production.

Low Cost – Metal Prototypes

Laser cutting prototype metal components or low volume production runs has very cost effective savings due to zero / little tooling expenditure. The laser machine can produce 1 to 5,000 components at the fraction of the cost of general assemblies. Please read more on our prototype service here.

Fast Production 24 hour

Our laser cutting machines operate automatically to allow our customers to benefit from a 24 hour manufacturing services, and we can deliver components within 72 hours of the order and also JIT to meet the most demanding customer schedules.

Oustanding Service

We are committed to delivering outstanding services levels from enquiry to delivery. Our quotations can be provided within 24 hours with a focus on competitive prices, quality and delivery performance.