Press Tools

Press Tool Manufacturing

We have purchased over £20m of tooling from our proven Chinese supplier, to save our customers 70% expenditure on UK and EU tools, and lead times as little as 6 weeks.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd provide our customers with low cost and high quality tooling suited for the life cycle of the metal pressing, which includes prototype soft tooling to production hard tooling.

Although 80% of our tools are purchased from China with UK material, we are also able to procure a UK tool if required.

All of our tools are maintained in house at our Wolverhampton factory, and each tool visits our maintenance shop prior and post going into a press and in accordance with the number of blows.

Tools can be purchased to run in a variety of our presses, including progression presses, transfer presses / pick and place presses and general presses to generate the most cost effective and correct route for a quality part, we offer:

  • Complex progression tools
  • Single operation tools
  • Transfer tools
  • Soft prototype tooling
  • 6-12 week lead time for off-tool sample parts and 16-18 for PPAP and production
Press Tool Manufacturing

Our Press & Stamping Tooling Increases Quality & Reduces Cost

“To manufacture sheet metal pressings and stampings in production quantities of over 5000 per annum, Jenks & Cattell offer a considerable cost saving and an excellent quality part, manufactured with consistency. Jenks & Cattell Engineering have over 130 years experience within the presswork and press tooling industry.”

High Volume Production

For high volume production runs of sheet metal components, pressing or stamping tooling is the most cost effective manufacturing method. Cost savings arrise from automated machinery producing hundreds of parts per hour, often in pairs.


Press tooling produces thousands of consistent identical components within 0.1mm precision.

Lead Time

We are able to manufacture a tool and deliver metal pressings / stampings to our customer in as little as 6 weeks.