Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

Your part can be fully assembled and functioning by our highly skilled fabrication team to add value to your metal component.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering can provide customers with a finished added value sheet metal component, with laser cut parts or metal stamping, plated, painted and fully assembled to customer specifications, including:

  • Nut Insertion
  • Springs & Clips
  • Label application
  • Toxing
  • Riveting
  • Pipe Clips
  • Plastic Components
  • Insulation

Sheet Metal Mechanical Assembly

Our capability to manufacture a complete product and assembly, provides our customers cost savings, less production miles and increased efficiency on your production line. All operations are completed under one roof, in our Wolverhampton engineering factory.

Saving Production Time

Offering complete assembly manufacture, allows our customers to save time on production as we are the only required subcontractor, for a finish product manufactured at Jenks & Cattell Engineering, with laser cutting, fabrication, presswork and welding facilities all on one site

Assembly Inspection

Jenks & Cattell Engineering house an assembly inspection area, where our time served quality engineers check and test products to customer specification to ensure they are fit to function.

Extra Accessories

Our customers can procure more than just sheet metal components from Jenks & Cattell Engineering, we can offer complete assemblies including but limited to: adding nuts, springs, clips, plastic components, labels, insulation and more.