Team Leader Completes Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

In continuous pursuit of excellence, Jenks & Cattell Engineering, a leading welding, and metal fabrication company recently celebrated the achievement of Mark Hillary, our Welding Team Leader. Mark, a valued member of Jenks & Cattell for over a decade has successfully completed the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification program through In-Comm Training.

The accomplishment not only reflects commitment to professional development but also highlights the company’s dedication to a culture of continuous improvement. By investing in Lean Six Sigma training for our team leaders, we will generate an improved quality of product and service, reduced cost through waste reduction, increased efficiency through team leaders who are empowered to lead and motivate all colleagues.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt introduces Lean Six Sigma methodologies and equips participants with the skills and tools for process improvement. Speaking of the training, Mark said: “After the 2-day training course, I can plan projects more proficiently, focus on process improvements and analyse defects and variations to improve quality. I look forward to progressing my knowledge in November when I complete my Green Belt and put further procedures in place within our manual and spot-welding operations. I hope to work all the way to achieve the Black Belt certification.”

Congratulating Mark, Garry Evans, General Manager said: “It is very pleasing to see Mark starting his journey on the Six Sigma program, Mark has always shown a great interest in CI and the benefits it can hold, not only for the individual but also the positive impact into the business, and we at Jenks and Cattell are more than happy to support and encourage Mark along this path of learning.”

Integrating Lean Six Sigma principles into our operations benefits our customers with long-term success, improved quality, and competitiveness in robotic, spot, projection, and manual welding services. Stay tuned, as our robotic welding area will receive additional investment with new equipment later this year.




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