Jenks and Cattell Engineering have all the equipment, machinery and passionate team to ensure our customers can purchase a complete manufacturing service of metal pressed parts, stampings, welded assemblies, laser cut fabrications and CNC machined components.

Please contact a member of our team on 01902 305530 or to discuss your requirements further.

Press Equipment

Press TonnagePress QuantityTypical Bed Size Back-Front (mm)Size Left-Right (mm)Typical Ram Size (mm)Minimum Shut Height (mm)
40 - 20014500660630 x 520350
200-25061300800650 x 900340
300-500313008002200 x 1400480
500 - 10004150010001200 x 800500

Technical Metal Pressings: Press Equipment

Machine TypePress TonnageNumber of StationsTransfer
AIDA5 x 200 and 1 x 1506Pick & Place Transfer
Press10003Pick & Place Transfer
Press5007Coil Fed Progression (0.7m width)
SEYI Press40010Coil Fed Progression (0.7m width)
Press7504Progression (1m width)
Press7504Coil Progression (1m width)
Press2509Coil Progression (1m width)

Welded Assembly: Manual Welding Equipment

Power RatingQuantity of MachinesWeld TypeControl
25 - 200 kva12C02, Spot & ProjectionMonitor Controlled
450 amp3Co2, TIG, MIG including TIG weld aluminiumMonitor Controlled

Welded Assembly: Robotic Welding Equipment

Weld TypeQuantity of MachinesControl
FANUC Robot Welder6Monitor

Laser Fabrication Equipment

Laser Cutting MachineMaterial ThicknessPowerBed Size (m)
AMADA Ventis 3015 Fiber Laser25mm Mild Steel, 20mm Stainless Steel, 16mm Aluminium, 10mm Brass, 8mm Copper 4kw4
Trumpf Tru Laser 303020mm Mild Steel, 15mm Stainless & 12mm Aluminium3.2kw4
Trumpf Tru Bend 336014mm Mild Steel600 kn press force2
Edwards Pearson Brake Press14mm Mild Steel-3

CNC Machining Equipment

CNC MachineMachinable MaterialsPowerBed Size (mm)
SYIL X7Billet and sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. 11kw700 x 300
SYIL V1260Billet and sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. 11kw1300 x 600