Celebrating a Decade of Growth and Dedication

Jenks & Cattell Engineering are one of the longest established engineering companies in the UK, specialising in sheet metal component manufacture since 1886. A success of this kind needs continuous investment, revolutionising engineering ideas, retaining a quality reputation across industries worldwide and most importantly, employing and training skilled and dedicated personnel.

2024 marks the year of four colleagues completing ten years of service with the engineering company. Together, Alpesh, Eleanor, Mark and Sarah have witnessed tremendous growth. The turnover has soared, the team has diversified, the machinery and skills have expanded, and the range of served industries has increased.

Mike O’Shea, Managing Director said: “Jenks & Cattell Engineering like to champion our team members and recognising their importance is imperative to our continuous improvement and growth.

Training is the upmost importance to us, as is reward; with our service bonus holidays and pay. These four employees exemplify commitment to our bright future ahead.”

Alpesh Patel, a second-generation employee, has been an integral part of Jenks & Cattell Engineering for a decade. Following in his father Manu’s footsteps, Alpesh began his journey alongside his dad, working on our Trumpf laser machine. Over the years, he has adapted to technological advancements, mastering both Trumpf and AMADA systems. Alpesh’s expertise extends to laser programming and material nesting ensuring precision cuts that meet the highest standards.

Mark Hillary’s story is one of growth and commitment. Ten years ago, he joined us as a press operator. Through extensive training and dedication, Mark has risen to become our senior welding team leader. His specialty lies in manual welding, particularly with aluminium. Mark was involved in welding our first aluminium seat bracket assembly for the defence industry – a proud and diverse moment for the company.

Mark is not the only one with a remarkable legacy. His father, Alan, proudly completed over 40 years of service on our presses. Alan’s dedication left an indelible mark on our company. Now, Mark carries forward this tradition, embodying the values of hard work, expertise, and loyalty.

In 2014, Sarah and Eleanor joined our team, each bringing unique talents. Sarah started as a Welding Quality Engineer, alongside the introduction of our Macro Weld Test Facility. Her commitment to quality assurance led her to become a Team Leader, ensuring that our weld testing meets the highest standards. Sarah has completed a Train the Trainer course to pass on her macro weld test skills and ensure our welds are measured and tested to customer specification.

Eleanor, Jenks & Cattell’s first graduate, used her Sales, Marketing & PR degree to contribute significantly. As Sales & Marketing Assistant Manager, she has worked on exciting projects, from website development, marketing graphics for brochures and site signage to developing strategies for employee engagement. Eleanor has taken Jenks & Cattell Engineering on the road to multiple exhibitions in the UK and Germany to leverage the brand and onboard industries including defence, electric vehicle, alternate energy, construction, medical and expand automotive and off-highway customer base.

Working at Jenks & Cattell Engineering is more than just a job; it is a journey of growth and dedication, the four staff members celebrating a decade of service this year are examples to the company’s commitment to longevity, and the value of expertise, adaptability, and a shared sense of purpose. Whether its mastering laser cut precision, leading welding teams or shaping our marketing efforts, employees find fulfilment in contributing to our diverse projects and progression.


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