Supplying Manufacturing Services to Industry

Jenks & Cattell Engineering offer our sub-contract engineering and manufacturing service to leading OEMs and manufactures from a range of industries.For over 130 years we have manufactured customers parts from presswork, with our focus being within the garden tool industry.

Since 1951 we have manufactured metal pressings for the automotive industry, which we strive on today – with the automotive industry being 65% of our sales, as we move on to diversify into the off-highway, energy/off-shore, construction and agricultural manufacturing industries worldwide.


Specialists in forming and fabricating aluminium

Jenks and Cattell Engineering specialise in aluminum forming using both presswork and laser facilities.

We can cut up to 8mm thick aluminium up to 3 meters in size.

Pressing and stamping aluminum parts is our key market area, where can save our customers cost on weight of their products using a light material, which saves in energy and delivery costs. Ideal for automotive customers with a focus on efficiency.

Stainless Steel

Welding and fabricating stainless steel

Jenks and Cattell Engineering have the experience and capability to manufacture metal fabrications using stainless steel.

We can cut and form stainless up to 10mm on our laser machines, and also press and stamp stainless to custmomer specifications.

Stainless steel is one of the most popular steel for more cosmetic metal parts, where we can offer our customers a brushed or mirror finish, with a protective scratch free plastic coating.

We have invested in training and equipment of our welding, and as of 2014, we complete all stainless steel welding in house – both robotic and manual.


Pressing and fabricating copper parts

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd, specialise in pressing, stamping and fabricating copper parts up to 2 meters in length from 0.4mm thick to 12mm.

Fabricating copper is most popular with our electrical, automotive and construction customers.


Pressing and fabricating brass metal parts

Specialising in pressing, stamping and fabricating brass parts up to 2 meters in length from coil, strip, bar or blank materials.

Manufacturing brass parts is ideal for our electrical and automotive customers.

Spring Steel

Laser cutting, pressing and welding spring steel

Jenks and Cattell manufacture metal parts using spring steel with our pressing, stamping and welding services.

Spring steel is a very high strength steel, with excellent resistance to bending, snapping or shattering.

Spring steel is a popular material with our automotive, agriculture and industrial customers.

Mild Steel

Specialise in forming, assembling, pressing and welding mild steel parts

Mild steel is the most common steel which runs through the Jenks and Cattell factory, where we can cut and form up to 20mm thick mild steel on our laser.

General sized components for mild steel vary from miniscule up to 3 meters in length.

Our presswork and welding facilities are most suited to mild steel, and it is common in industries including automotive, agriculture, white goods and construction.

High Strength Steel

Pressing and fabricating using high strength steels

Jenks and Cattell have the capability to manufacture metal parts to customer specification using high strength steel.

We can form metal parts up to 2 meters in length from high strength steel with our presswork capabilities.

The material is very strong, more resistant to weathering and rusting, and very often used for our industrial, automotive and consutruction customers.


Laser cutting plastic coated metals for blemish free components

We can laser cut polycoated material to give our customers a perfect blemish free and scratch free component.

Ideally and regularly used for cosmetic metal componetns, including consumer goods, shop/display fittings and instruments.