Celebrating Our Manufacturing History for Made in UK Day

March 9th 2021 marks the first ever Made in UK Day which aims to celebrate all manufacturers across the United Kingdom. Jenks & Cattell Engineering are amongst one of the most established manufacturers and engineering companies in the UK, and we have been a key player in the UK industry for 135 years.

Our manufacturing history has been varied, from employing over 1,000 people and from 1900-1984 being known for manufacturing excellent garden tools, of which people still use in action today. We have been on the same site in Wolverhampton since 1970, and under the same owners of Newship Group since 1986. Newship Group are huge contributors to the British manufacturing industry themselves, owning six large manufacturing companies in various industries including glass bottles, modular housing and ironmongery hardware for door furniture.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering have supplied the automotive industry since the 1950’s and have witnessed many changes along the way. Our manufacturing methods have been adjusted to suit changes, such as forming and welding aluminium as the automotive industry shifted towards lighter and more environmentally friendly vehicles. We have now started a new chapter for the future, which includes supplying metal components for products such as battery trays and wire harnessing brackets for electric vehicles and electric commercial vehicles. One thing that has never changed, is that we have been metal stampers / metal pressworkers since 1886, so surely that gives us expert status.

Britain as a whole are one of the biggest manufacturing contributors in the world and we are proud to be able to support so many different industries as well as automotive, including defence, construction, medical, off-highway and electrical, as well as exporting our British made metal components worldwide.

As this is a celebration, it feels appropriate to celebrate our history which made us who we are today. View our timeline here: https://www.jcel.co.uk/our-timeline


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