Our Target Zero Manufacturing Philosophy

Jenks & Cattell Engineering have followed guidelines within ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accrediting bodies for circa 20 years, focusing on 100% recycling, reduced material waste, manufacturing efficiency and energy saving; and this year we have introduced our own official program of ‘Target Zero’.

Our Target Zero philosophy is aimed for all our employees to contribute towards the Jenks & Cattell target of zero defects, accidents, variance or landfill to improve our productivity, quality and cost for all the customers to benefit from. This is applied to all of our manufacturing processes including metal stamping, laser cut fabrication and welded assembly.

We are working alongside our suppliers to commit to follow our approach, and likewise further increasing our sustainable customer base in markets including electric vehicles, electric bicycles and energy efficiency such as wind and farming.

The Jenks & Cattell Engineering Quality department follow a “quality is free” saying to reduce the cost and time of failure by doing things right first time.

Our customer products are manufactured on site using checking fixtures, poka-yoke systems and jigs for mechanical and welded assemblies to ensure consistency and overall quality metal assemblies and components. We also encourage our customers to use returnable packaging.

Visual monitors are a key to our success; with the public display of KPI’s, safety and accident alerts, WEEE Directive for electric waste and zero landfill reports from our suppliers. We have many processes in place, which would ordinarily (pre-COVID) be available on our press shop factory tour, but in lieu of this availability we have created a manufacturing and process auditable video which is available on request via sales@jcel.co.uk

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