Best Performance for a Decade

The first 3 months of 2021 have been very challenging to all businesses due to COVID restrictions, and Jenks & Cattell Engineering has been no exception; with 70% of our team being directly affected at some point.

Despite this, our preventative measures in place have reduced internal transmission, and we have managed to deliver an outstanding start to 2021 in terms of on time customer deliveries and sales figures, which is an unbelievable achievement considering the circumstances.

We are pleased to report the highest manufacturing output and sales figures in February 2021 since February 2011, making it the best business performance in a decade. Managing Director, Mike O’Shea said: “’It is important for all team members to prioritise safety and ensure we are all working safely, this includes following the site COVID advice and policies as we are still all at the mercy of the pandemic. During a tough period, our team has showed great resilience and managed to deliver a great result despite adversity. Thank you all.”

Jenks & Cattell Engineering are seeing demand for products maintain at the current volumes for the foreseeable future, as well as the challenge to complete components from COVID and Brexit related delays.

The supply of metal stamped components, laser cut fabrications and welded assemblies to a variety of essential businesses including medical, defence and off-highway put Jenks & Cattell in the fortunate position of remaining open for manufacture throughout the whole of the pandemic. Now we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel as we turn to support a number of electric vehicle prototypes and production projects, which is seemingly the future for the automotive market. We are members of the SMMT and Aluminium Federation to support thhe manufacturing elements towards electric vehicle, electric commercial vehicle and energy efficient developments to the fullest extent.

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