Trumpf Laser Cutting Training

Jenks & Cattell Engineering have had Trumpf laser cutting equipment for over a decade, and we are home to a Tru Laser2525, a TruLaser 3030 cutting up to 20mm steel and a TruBend press brake to complement our comprehensive range of manufacturing services.

John, Pawel, Gary and Alpesh lead our sheet metal laser fabrication team and have recently completed the TruLaser Application Support course which was given onsite by a Trumpf representative.

This course has given our team members a better understanding and knowledge of the mechanism and set up of the laser machines to enable internal problem solving and understand the different reactions to different settings and materials.

Our laser machines can cut stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium on a 3 meter bed, and we mainly use this department for prototype, conception phase and lower volume manufacturing as it doesn’t require a tooling investment.

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