£30k Investment for In-House Deburring Facility  

Jenks & Cattell Engineering have invested almost £30,000 in a vibratory bowl machine which will benefit our customers as we will now be able to deburr, remove machining lines, descale, and degrease metal components internally.

We have used sub-contractors for barrelling and deburring operations on thousands of components for our customers over the years, and this investment will enable all processes of the application to be controlled internally. Having the machine on site at our plant in Wolverhampton means that the quality will be controlled, lead times will be more efficient and cost savings will be applicable.

Other services we will be able to provide with the machine include removal of surface edges, cleaning, brightening, and polishing which will compliment our full sheet metal fabrication services of metal stamping, laser cut fabrication and both manual and robotic welding facilities.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering are owned by Newship Group who own several leading manufacturers in different industries across the UK; with their support and investment, we can procure and invest in machinery, equipment, training and personnel where required to benefit our employees and customers.

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