The Eagle (Eye) Has Landed

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new internal program; to further assure our overall quality performance – The Jenks & Cattell Engineering Eagle Eye.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering put quality at the forefront of everything manufactured, of which the Target Zero Philosophy of zero defects, landfill, variance, and accidents is the backbone.

Operating under the Target Zero Philosophy, and in line with ISO-9001, the factory functions with high-quality goals and standards, including some leading and globally recognised automotive tools, checking fixtures, work instructions, KPI’s and techniques to implement continuous improvement, and our employees are the most important contributing factor to its success.

The Eagle Eye program is designed for our employees to further increase their vigilance and go above and beyond their usual working standards to identify issues including hazards, manufacturing errors and warehousing issues which could affect our overall quality performance, associated costs, and delivery to the customer.

We are pleased to announce the first four Eagle Eyes of the program and of 2024; Karina, Julie, Krzystof and Steve. All 4 employees identified issues which stopped poor quality products being processed through our factory, which saved significant costs to both Jenks & Cattell Engineering and our customer, and improved our quality and delivery performance. Steve and Karina work in our warehousing department and Julie and Kryzstof in manufacturing and they are surrounded by thousands of metal components each day which makes spotting variances a difficult task, so well done to their Eagle Eyes! All 4 employees received a certificate of recognition and a £25 voucher, as will our future Eagle Eyes.

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