Target Zero Philosophy Throughout

Jenks and Cattell Engineering have a target zero philosophy for landfill, defects, variance and accidents to increase our effiiency, quality and general output. We are committed to developing our suppliers to follow this approach, and also we look to supply sustainable customers in markets including electric vehicles, electric bicycles, energy efficiency and vertical farming.

Zero Defects

  • Do things right first time.
  • Quality is free. Eliminate issues to reduce the cost and time of failure.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and obtain an excellent reputation.
  • Proactive process improvement.
  • Measuring quality KPI’s.
  • Poka-Yoke and checking fixtures and jigs used.

Zero Accidents

  • Identify hazards and correct them for others.
  • Commit to the safety of everyone.
  • Proactive measures by taking the lead and setting examples.
  • PPE worn where required.
  • Conducting individudal inspections.
  • Treat accidents and defects on a personal level, and apply them to your working mentality. eg, you wouldnt purposely crash your car without consequence.

Zero Landfill

  • Use of returnable packaging, pallets and containers.
  • WEEE Directive for electrical waste.
  • Sustainable recycling of all materials.
  • Our waste suppliers are committed to zero landfill.
  • Installation of energy efficient lighting.

Zero Variance

  • Adhere to process manufacturing routes.
  • Use of checking fixtures.
  • Same material usage.
  • Identify rate and quantity variances.
  • Labour usage vs actual hours.
  • Review and monitor of subcontract time.
  • Supplier, performance and manufacturing KPI’s.