Zero Landfill Achieved

Jenks & Cattell Engineering are committed to our Target Zero programme which operates on zero defects, variance, landfill, and accidents across the whole business.

We are now halfway through 2021, and our 6-month landfill review is very positive, and we have reached our target of zero.

We have recycled all our waste and totalled zero landfill and we have saved 4kg of c02e which is the equivalent of 15 planted trees, 1 car and powering almost 3 houses.

Following this philosophy means we use returnable packaging where possible, WEEE directive for electrical waste, and we have invested almost £10,000 in energy efficient lighting and energy saving practises in 2021 alone. Jenks & Cattell Engineering have a customer base who also focus on reducing emissions in their company practise and we manufacture metal components for end products which include electric vehicles, electric bikes and alternate energy firms.

The UK Government are expected to make the target of a 78% reduction of emissions by 2035 compared to 1990 law by the end of this month with a bid to tackle climate change, and the nation are impressively 15 years ahead of schedule according to the UK Government. These figures are the most ambitious target of any other country in the world, and the UK is set to lead the change, and Jenks & Cattell Engineering will continuously improve our output to ensure we reach target zero for the forseeable future.

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