Metal Prototypes

Jenks & Cattell Engineering have the facility to develop low volume metal parts for pre-production development, with minimal tooling investment.

Our customers can benefit from our laser fabrication area as we can, cut, form, weld and paint or plate parts in quantities as little as one off, for protoype development and analysis, ready for production. We support our customers from prototype straight through to production, to benefit from:

  • Research and development prior to production
  • Minimal tooling investment
  • Low cost prototype manufacture
  • Simple to complex components laser cut in house
  • Complex metal pressings to be manufactured on soft press tooling

Laser Cut Prototypes

Our laser machine can cut prototypes up to 25mm thick, and 3 meters in length in a matter of minutes.

We work straight from customer drawings, to deliver a sheet metal prototype or sample.

It is a very cost effective method of manufacture, as there is no initial tooling cost involved, making it an ideal process for low volume manufacture of metal pressings.

Prototype Engineering Accessories

In addition to laser cutting, we can complete the prototype as a finished product, with extra services inlcuding welding, forming, bending, nut insertion and assembling.

Cost Effective Low Volume Manufacture

With no tooling investment, our customers can have parts manufactured from sheet metal with a delivery service in as little as 24 hours from our laser.

Pre Production Analysis

Customers can take advantage of our engineering expertise from a prototype stage, to discuss various manufacturing and forming methods and material options prior to production.