Case Study

Engine Manufacture

Customer Since: 2015

In 2015, Jenks & Cattell Engineering secured a new customer within the engine industry, which is our second OEM engine manufacturer customer within our portfolio, and in turn, increased our annual turnover to £12m, with plans of growth.

The customer was already having a large selection of parts manufactured in the UK, however Jenks & Cattell Engineering offered excellent engineering support which included a reccomendation of different methods of sheet metal manufacturing and handling in order to reduce the piece part cost, and save the customer a substantional amount of expenditure.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering were chosen as a resource supplier, and the customer invested in moving existing tools from one supplier to our factory, all of which were developed in house and fitted into our existing presses and capacity plans.

The customer also invested over £2m in new tooling, which Jenks & Cattell Engineering sourced and supported on their behalf.

To secure this business, Jenks & Cattell, self-funded 4 new robot welders, which are dedicated in supplying one customer, as well as general investment in the factory including a customer specificed assembly and inspection area. This investment added a string to our bow, now being able to efficiently weld stainless steel, and also we are able to offer all of our customers increased capacity as we have generated a workload to cover 2 shifts, with our working hours being 6am-10pm.

Worldwide Electrical Manufacturer

Customer Since: 2009

In 2009, Jenks & Cattell Engineering began supplying a cable harness company, which predominantly fits cable harnessing into leading automotive OEM’s.

Our business relationship began with just two brackets, and has since increased to a £1.7 million pound account with over 20 individual metal parts and welded assemblies being supplied to the customer, in quantities in excess of up to 250,000 components per year.

Our customer, as all customers, recieve excellent customer service and engineering support, which has enabled this customer to resource press tooling from other suppliers and into Jenks & Cattell presses, and also save over 70% on new tooling purchased from China with EU material, but their biggest saving was the use of Jenks & Cattells’ automotive metal pressings expertise, and we are able to suggest design changes for a more feasible, less engineered and cost effective manufacturing route.

Our engineering support consisted of printing a plastic 3D model of a part, developed metal prototypes from soft tooling, many hours spent with Jenks & Cattell and customer engineers, discussing various material and strengthening options, to obtain a part which was suitable for Jaguar Land Rovers quality and competitive cost structures.

Through our excellent supplier relationship and performance, Jenks & Cattell have been able to grow this account to impressive exporting levels, to which we now supply UK, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Egypt and China, which we are proving both time and cost efficient.