Choose Our Easter Drawing Winner

At Jenks & Cattell Engineering, we believe that safety is paramount in the workplace, and operate a Target Zero Accidents policy under our Target Zero Programme. To raise awareness about health and safety and mental health, we recently organised a drawing competition. The children of our employees, customers and suppliers enthusiastically participated, showcasing their creativity and commitment to safety.

After a month of collecting entries, we are thrilled to present the judges top six pieces of art ready for public voting.

Vote for your favourite! 

Each piece of art has been numbered 1 to 6 and you can vote via social media by commenting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. The winner will receive an extra large Kinder Egg, filled with chocolate, and every single entry will be presented with an Easter treat. Votes will be counted on Thursday 28th March so get voting quickly!





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