Successful End to our Financial Year

Jenks & Cattell Engineering’s new financial year began on 1st October, and we are delighted to look back over the past 12-months and document our admirable growth and investment.

We have welcomed many new sustainable customers to our business, predominantly in the electric vehicle, electric and hydrogen commercial vehicle and electric bicycle industry. We have seen growth with our existing customer base, including two resource projects totalling £2.5m which improved the quality and efficiency for the laser fabricated components as the customer desired, and this has led to our financial growth.

We regularly maintain a year-on-year sales turnover growth, and this year is no different with a sales turnover of £13.4 million generating a 24% increase on the previous year – a remarkable 44% three-year growth.

Upon quoting new business, Jenks & Cattell Engineering compete against Asia, Europe and USA metal presswork competitors, and we are proud to be recognised and nominated as suppliers for presswork, laser cut fabrication and welded assemblies to export across the world, often recognised for superior quality and efficiency for complex metal components. This year, we have exported to a wide range of countries including USA, Brazil, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Mexico and Spain, all of which has secured our 17% export increase in 12-months. Of our total sales, less than 20% is exported as we are in the West Midlands, heart of the manufacturing industry, and we focus on a sustainable and local supply-chain with local customers including Jaguar Land Rover whose engine plant is only 7-miles from our Wolverhampton factory.

Through a continuous investment philosophy running throughout the business, and the financial support from our owners Newship Group, we have increased the value of our assets by 22% in the 12-month period. Our machinery investments have included a new laser machine, barrelling machine and a CNC machining centre. We have also focussed on sustainability investment, with plans in place to commit to our Target Zero program, and we have reduced our energy output with a £40k investment in new efficient lighting and achieved zero landfill with improved recycling investment. We have boosted to local employment as our employee number has grown from 93 from this time last year to 106 support new and additional work, and this figure also includes our apprentices which we pride ourselves in supporting the future generation for metalwork engineering. Investment plans in are in position to continue in quarter 4 of 2023, as a new CNC machining centre and two new power presses.

COVID aftermath was an uncertain time for many businesses, but we are proud of the way we pulled together and made it one of our most successful periods to-date. As a team, we continuously look to improve our efficiency, ensure quality is consistent and aim for a happy and productive team. Well done to everyone at Jenks who has contributed to our success, let us keep growing and giving the boost to UK manufacturing.

Have a brief look at our 22-23 FY:

  • 5 Apprentices
  • Additional 9 Employees
  • 5 Internal Promotions
  • Turnover increase
  • 1 new laser
  • 1 new CNC machining centre
  • 2 laser fabrication resource projects onboarded
  • Increase to export figure
  • A whole year with zero lost time accident
  • Zero landfill achieved
  • Introduced customers with a sustainability focus


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