PPAP Awareness and Training

JCEL’s team PPAP Awareness & Training Session

Taking time to invest in our staff is key to our continued personnel and business development, we arranged for members of our Engineering, Quality and Sales teams, to undertake an awareness and training course on P.P.A.P., the Production Part Approval Process.

Seen here in attendance are Ryan, Jack, James, Dennis and Matt from Engineering, Sarah, Adam and Jack from Quality, Lisa from Sales along with Aid and Dave from Estimating.

The material was delivered by Craig Jeavons our Technical Director, who stated ‘What a session, all the guys enjoyed the training, with them as one giving positive feedback at the end!’ he continued to say ‘All of the guys contributed with comments and questions etc throughout the morning, and found it beneficial in seeing how their individual roles and responsibilities, create the parts submission file’.

The aim of the training and awareness was to cement how their‘individual actions contribute to the P.P.A.P. file coming together, prior to submittal to our customers’.

Craig finally added, ‘We at JCEL are committed to investing in our people and our process’s, and shall continue developing our teams with training and ultimately competency, at every opportunity’.

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