Our New Apprentices; Their Experience So Far

Following the apprentice assessment day that took place in September, Jenks and Cattell employed two new apprentices, Daniel(right) and Dylan (left).

Jenks and Cattell Engineering Ltd. is always looking at the skills and interests of our apprentices, to match them with the best apprenticeship pathways.

Daniel became a part of the team just over a week ago, he was assigned a Manufacturing Apprentice role in which he can gain experience in various departments of the business and learn how to program presses, robots, and lasers. So far, Daniel is thoroughly enjoying his new role, as he has access to opportunities that would not have been available to him if he had not of joined Jenks & Cattell. Daniel says “On my first day I was guided to work on a thousand-tonne press which is something I have never done before; it was a great experience that you would not find at college. “

Dylan joined us as an Apprentice Toolmaker three weeks ago. Before the apprenticeship, Dylan did two years of basic machinery at college which helped him grasp the fundamentals of machining. Dylan will spend his time in several areas of the business to gain an understanding of the company including training on CNC machines, lasers, and welding in addition to his toolroom training. Here are a few words from Dylan: “I think a lot of people want to have more hands-on experience with engineering rather than just attending college and focusing on theory with only one day a week in the workshop. So, it is better to be here, getting the experience.” Dylan hopes to gain plenty of practice from this apprenticeship to continue his journey with numerous opportunities available for him in the future.

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