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British Standards – We continue our ‘Quality Assured’ approach.

We are pleased to announce that as part of our continued ‘total quality approach’, we have signed up in partnership with the British Standards Institute.

In the main, this shall ensure that all the necessary British Standards that we hold and work to, are always current, ensuring that we are up to date with any changes, ensuring and fulfilling our customers’ requirements. Our British Standards quality commitments will be implemented throughout all our customers and processes.

Technical Director, Craig Jeavons, said: “With us joining BSI it shows another positive move forward in the ‘Quality Assurance’ world for us, and once again cements that we are serious about not only the products we supply, but also the system they go through to be produced.”

This British Standards Institute membership accompanies our further accreditations including TS 16949, IS0 14001, IS0 9001, Caterpillar Welding Excellence, Caterpillar Supplier Quality and Cummins Category Partner.

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