Meet Our 400 & 500 Tonne Progression Presses

Meet our 400tn and 500tn Presses

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd follow a continuous investment philosophy, and we have recently enhanced our 500-tonne press by adding a coil feeder to enable a progression fed tool to manufacture components. This press compliments our 400-tonne press with automated coil feeder which we introduced to the factory in 2017.

The 500-tonne press can feed sheet metal up to 800mm and the 400-tonne press can feed sheet metal coils up to 1000mm; thus, having the capability to manufacture metal components of this size.

Our investments in converting our machinery to coil-fed progression presses enables our customers to have a cost-efficient manufacturing process to produce quality, repeatable metal parts of excellent quality. The coil feeders allow us to manufacture complex metal parts with multistage progression tools, running from a coil.

To compliment our presses, we have our in-house welding facility to complete mechanical and functional assemblies.

Frequently asked questions:

What thickness metal can we stamp?

0.8mm to 15mm.

What size components can we stamp?

Small components, up to 1000mm in length.

What are the benefits of coil fed progression presses?

Feeding a metal coil through the press enables more automation to manufacture larger batch productions in a time-efficient timeframe. The accuracy and quality are repeatable for parts coming off tool.

Using a progression press means that a sheet of material goes in, and a finished formed component comes out.

What is a progression tool?

A progression tool can manufacture simple to complex components. For complex components: sheet metal will be fed into the press and be fed through a number of stations within the tool to form, bends, stamp part numbers etc… until a finished component comes at the end. This process usually takes seconds.

What is the minimum shut height of the 400 tonne – 500 tonne presses?


What metals can be pressed?

We can press/stamp mild steel, spring steel, aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel amongst others.

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