Mark Recertifies His Manual Welding Standard

Jenks & Cattell Engineering provide regular training to all employees to ensure our metal components are manufactured and assembled to meet our high expectations

Our Senior Welder Mark Hillary has completed 7 years’ service with Jenks & Cattell to date and has recently gained his recertification to the manual welding standard BS 9606-1-2017; which his 6th year of holding the recognised standard.

Mark has been on numerous welding training courses to ensure the specific MIG welding procedures and parameters required are achieved. These procedures are re-assessed every three years to ensure that our physical welding conforms to standard and that our welders remain at a consistently high level of competency.

Craig Jeavons, Technical Director said: “Mark is a valued member of our welding team and his expertise has shone through one again.

Mark has proven his welding skills and it is a credit to him and confirms our commitment to delivering our welds being right first time every time.

Mark was very pleased with these results, that were approved by an independent SAFed/PED certified body.”

Jenks & Cattell Engineering are very experienced in the welding industry and assemble both mechanical and functional welded assemblies every day. Our spot, projection, manual and robotic welding team of 12 are all SAFed / CEOC approved and strive to complete excellent quality welded assemblies.

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