Welcoming Our First Customer on Site Since Lockdown

Following 3 months of video calls and working-from-home, Jenks & Cattell Engineering have recently welcomed the first customer back on-site in Neachells Lane, Wednesfield since March.

Having gained some form of normality; albeit a ‘new normal’, an essential customer visit was conducted to finalise the set-up for a new project to commence, which is currently at the prototype stage.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering suggested an alternative manufacturing process to support and improve the efficiency for a customer’s product to meet their product specification and quality guidelines; which needed to be witnessed and approved by the customer prior to moving the prototype into production.

Working within the Government the government guidelines for COVID-19, we are confident that we can keep our employees, suppliers and customers safe on-site. Temperatures are taken upon entering the building, hygiene procedures are in line with guidance and the distance-guidelines are clearly marked.

Currently, Jenks & Cattell Engineering have staff working safely in the office, on factory floor and from home, with several employees remaining on the Government furlough scheme until further notice. For customers and suppliers requiring visits to our factory, please make an appointment and we can ensure all measures are in place for your arrival, as we deem it essential to continue developing new and existing business relationships throughout this difficult time.




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