International Suppliers for Press Tools

Jenks & Cattell Engineering have manufactured metal pressings for nearly 140 years, and we have worked with our international toolmakers for 15 years to obtain the excellent relationship we have today with our toolmakers in China.

During the pandemic we employed a China based agent to oversee tool buy-offs on our behalf, with lots of communication to us in the UK via online video software. August has marked the first date our team has been overseas since the COVID pandemic. Our usual practice involves our engineers, quality and sales team always having a presence in China to ensure our press tools are being manufactured to customer specification and our quality requirements.

The purpose for our most recent trip was for our engineer Dan to assess six of our new press tools and first-off sample components for an automotive customer project prior to buy-off. Dan’s analysis included reviewing sizes, cropping clearances, balance and hardness tests and prototype samples as well as dynamic tests to see all six press tools run off good parts prior to receiving an ‘off process’ approval. Dan and the suppliers completed a static test where they collaboratively went through each stage of the tool to get a more detailed insight into the top and bottom die set ready for press tooling buy off.

The six automotive components are now fit-to-function and are passed off ready for the tools to be delivered to our Wolverhampton based plant ready for PPAP and mainstream production. The six new press tools will arrive at our site during November and will be part of our £1m project for an electric vehicle which going into production in 2024.

Having created an excellent relationship with our international suppliers, we have a large element of trust within their manufacturing capabilities, and we identify their efficiency, quality and complexity of tool making to be of outstanding quality, and we are able to offer our customers both a cost and time efficient method of manufacturing presswork. Our press tools can manufacture between 500,000 – 1,000,000 parts before refurbishment or replacement with our internal tool maintenance department servicing the tools after each use to ensure the longevity.

We have a continuous improvement philosophy throughout the business, which extends to our suppliers, and on this trip, we spent time negotiating and recognising the most efficient tooling routes to suit the complexity of components whilst utilising our machinery at cost effective rates of production for a large upcoming Euro 7 project.

Our engineering team complete manufacturability feasibility studies prior to production and identify more efficient manufacturing methods and can suggested design changes. We will strive to highlight feasibility issues and suggestions to our customer at the very beginning to save costs and reduce the risk of more expenditure with a late design change and reduce material wastage.

For more information on cost effectiveness of press tools, please read our article:

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