How To Complete A Tool Transfer Resource?

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd have multiple presses ranging from 40 to 1,000 tonnes in our extensive 16,000sq meter facility and although manufacturing new tools with our engineering team is our forte, we have also completed hundreds of successful press tooling resource projects for our customers over the decades.

Tool transfer resources usually occur due to poor performance, delivery and quality from an existing supplier, and the move to Jenks & Cattell Engineering offers a stable performance with an excellent focus on quality of metal components.

The equipment we have allows us to manufacture sheet metal components to CAD drawings of our customer, with the processes in place to check first-off and last-off parts including ISIR and measurement with our CMM. The investment we have in place in terms of equipment, process and Target Zero Philosophy showcase the company’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Our metal stamping service can manufacture up to 5,000 components per hour, with repeatable quality and tolerance precision of 0.1m. Our equipment is accompanied with our know-how time-served engineers who combine knowledge to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality to ensure complex components are produced to the highest standard on time.

All our onsite tools are customer owned, and if our customer would like to transfer a tool from a supplier to Jenks & Cattell Engineering, our team will be able to assist you with every stage to ensure a smooth transition. A standard tool transfer is likely to follow this process:


Initiate & Evaluate

  1. Send RFQ to our Sales team and include detail of the existing tool which should consist of tool dimensions, strip, width and pitch and material thickness used for the component to guarantee a like-for-like cost comparison.
  2. Confirm existing problems and expected life and volume of the component.
  3. We will use CAD to validate the parts can be run on our presses without any issues.
  4. Our team will propose any required improvements, maintenance or alterations to the tool and confirm costs.


Transfer & Manufacture

  1. We can arrange transport of the tools to Jenks & Cattell either road, rail, sea, or air depending on location and timeframe. Discretion is applied where required. We are experienced in importing from other countries to the UK.
  2. If we are transferring multiple tools, we will use our customer inventory list to ensure everything has arrived before use in the presses and/or arranging storage.
  3. Our quality and engineering team will liaise with customer engineers and quality department to review proposed changes and increase both quality and efficiency.
  4. We will fit the tool into the press and produce trial samples for customer pass off. Parts can often only be supplied to customers last ISIR report and last off samples. This process can take 1-2 weeks to perfect.
  5. Once agreed, we can begin to produce parts to customer schedule and follow our continuous improvement and Target Zero philosophies.


What type of tools can we accommodate?

Single operation, transfer and progression tools up to 1300mm in length, 800mm in width with a shut height of 600m. Suitable for presses up to 1,000 tonnes.

What timeframe can a transferred resource tool produce production volumes?

Our record is 2 days. Providing we can do the tool checks with samples and identify no problems; 1-2 weeks from the tool arriving is normal.

What is the maximum coil width we can feed?

1 meter

What is the lifetime of a tool?

Our tool maintenance team service the tool every time it is used to prolong its life and to prevent any damage. We pride ourselves on our warm and dry tool storage facility with dedicated racking for thousands of tools. A tool which is consistently used can have a life of up to 20 years for simple parts.

To transfer a tool from another supplier to Jenks & Cattell Engineerings West Midlands facility, or to manufacture a totally new tool please get in touch with our team at or call 01902 305530.

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