Automation Investments Pay Off

Jenks & Cattell Engineering has made significant investments in automation across its equipment range. By automating various tasks, the company has achieved several key benefits:

  1. Increased Capacity: Automation allows Jenks & Cattell to operate its machinery round the clock. Both lasers can now run unmanned throughout the night, maximising production capacity to 24-7 laser cutting.
  2. Cost Savings: By streamlining processes and minimising manual labour, the company has significantly reduced operational costs. These savings directly translate into more competitive pricing for customers.
  3. Improved Throughput: Automation ensures consistent and efficient production, resulting in higher throughput. Faster turnaround times mean quicker deliveries to customers.

Jenks & Cattell’s commitment to its customers’ requirements is central to business strategy. The company recognises that cost-effectiveness is crucial for businesses seeking reliable manufacturing partners. By leveraging automation, Jenks & Cattell can offer competitive pricing without compromising quality.

Feedback from existing customers confirms Jenks & Cattell’s competitive edge. The company now stands on par with Eastern European competitors, thanks to its streamlined processes and cost-efficient operations. Customers appreciate the value they receive, making Jenks & Cattell a preferred choice in the metalwork industry.

As Jenks & Cattell continues to explore automation opportunities, it remains dedicated to delivering excellence. By embracing technology, the company ensures sustainable growth while maintaining its customer-centric ethos. Expect more exciting developments from Jenks & Cattell as it pushes the boundaries of automated production in metal presswork, laser cutting, CNC machining and welding.

Video showing our fully automated AMADA laser machine with automated sheet metal material loader/unloader and a robotic arm to load laser cut metal parts on to a pallet ready for dispatch:

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