AMADA Laser Cutting Investment Gives the Competitive Edge

AMADA Laser Cutting Investment Gives the Competitive Edge

We commissioned a new AMADA laser cutting machine last month, in addition to our two Trumpf lasers. With both Jenks & Cattell Engineering’s Trumpf 3030 and AMADA VENTIS 3015 lasers having automated material load lifts, we have an impressive level of automation which has been boosted by the automated robotic part picker on the AMADA.

The AMADA laser has increased our capability to cut thicker gauge material, including 16mm aluminium and the addition of copper and brass, which are materials which could only be stamped in the press shop until now.

With the levels of automation, and the increased capacity this laser has created in the factory, Jenks & Cattell Engineering are able to offer more competitive pricing on our laser cut components, whilst providing our excellent TQM focus, as per our ISO 9001 accreditation. Our team will also be able to apply our usual feasibility studies to ensure your laser cut fabrication is manufacturable.

Our lasers are complimented with two press brakes to complete a formed fabrication, as well as spot, projection, robotic and manual welding for a welded assembly.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering offer laser cut components for customers who do not have a tooling investment, for prototype and conception phase components and for low-medium volume production levels.

Laser Cutting FAQ

What is the difference between our new and existing lasers?

The new AMADA laser is fiber instead of CO2 which means we can cut copper and brass as well as thicker gauge stainless, mild steel and aluminium, up to 3x faster

There is a higher-quality cut on the AMADA, which is nearly burr-free with smooth edges. We can barrel parts in-house to guarantee a smooth edge when required by the customer.

Our new laser is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly by using less nitrogen.

The AMADA is 4kw in power, and our previous lasers are 3.2kw and 2.8kw.

What tolerance can we laser cut?

Our laser machines can hold exceptional tolerances of 0.25mm.

What size components can we laser cut?

We have 2 lasers with a bed size of 3m x 1.5m which is the maximum component size, and we can do very small components from 30mm in length.

What gauge / material thickness can we laser cut?

From 1mm to 25mm. The maximum thickness we can achieve are:
25mm Mild Steel, 20mm Stainless Steel, 16mm Aluminium, 10mm Brass, 8mm Copper.

Is laser cutting cost effective?

Our AMADA laser gives us a competitive edge as it manufactures thousands of metal components on a completely automated system, and we have very little labour costs involved. We suggest laser cutting for any annual volume of less than 5,000 components.


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