Knocking Wall Down for New Business

Since moving factories in 1970, all production parts have been manufactured at Jenks & Cattell Engineering’s 20,000sqm factory, alongside storing thousands of press tools. The business is fortunate to own a large site; which has provided the opportunity to literally knock a wall down in the existing factory to lead into an additional 5,000sqm recently renovated industrial factory space.

The £40,000 investment has created the space for Jenks & Cattell Engineering to access additional new business which can facilitate resource projects, additional tooling and part-storage if required.

The space is currently part-utilised with a customer specific press tool storage area housing 60 new tools which will create a multi-million-pound metalwork project for the business.

Purpose-built tool racking for up to 3-meter press tools have been installed to support extensive progression-stage tools to create complex metal components.

Creating a large space adds value for all customers to take advantage of the capacity to manufacture extra metal components.

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