Specialising in Aluminium Forming with Aluminium Federation

Specialising in the manufacture of metal components for OEM’s to manufacture end products, puts Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd are at the beginning of the supply chain. Jenks & Cattell are currently assisting a world leading engine manufacturer with the design and manufacture of a new modular battery pack power system for an off-highway application.

The final assembly is almost totally manufactured from various grades of aluminium, and consists of many flat and formed panels, along with sealed joints and other features within it, and in order to meet its stringent design criteria. The project has been supported from prototype stage, and the design is maturing well for production.

Craig Jeavons, Technical Director said: “Jenks & Cattell have joined forces with the Aluminium Federation to enhance our design and manufacturing capabilities for the use of aluminium in a large aluminium assembly we are manufacturing here in the West Midlands. This collaboration shall ensure that with our customers engineering input, we deliver the project right first time, on time.”

Discussions with the Aluminium federation’s Senior Engineering Team have taken place with regards to bespoke training for the engineering, quality and manufacturing teams at Jenks & Cattell. The training is to include all the ‘best practice’ principles and methods for the forming and welding of aluminium. Inclusive of all the necessary safety requirements needed to protect us all from the start.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering have supplied the automotive industry with metal pressings, laser cut fabrications and welded assemblies since the 1950’s and aluminium usage in the manufacturing of components has rapidly increased over the past decade. The future of vehicle production is most definitely in battery power, and this collaboration is expected to ensure the necessary expertise and skills are in place to meet the exciting challenges ahead.

The Jenks & Cattell Engineering team on site can review customer drawings and components to identify the manufacturing suitability for the use of aluminium as an alternative material; in order to benefit from the economical and quality benefits of the material. The engineering team would be happy to review any designs.

Being established in 1886 makes Jenks & Cattell one of the most recognised and most established names within the metal pressings trade. The engineering company is owned by Newship Group who have provided the financial and infrastructural backing towards this collaboration with the Aluminium Federation.

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