8mm Fillet Weld Added to our Approval List  

Jenks & Cattell Engineering are pleased to announce that we have added an 8mm MIG fillet weld to our list of weld approvals (WPS’s) as our ongoing commitment to investing in our skillset.

The additional size fillet weld was required by one of our existing customers in the OEM engine industry to support two new mounting feet for a large engine. The weld was included in the functional test section of our PPAP submission.

This is our eighth qualification to the SAFED standard, which covers both our manual and robotic welding facilities, and is seen as further commitment to our overall welding service’s.

The parameters were set into our robotic welding machine by our Team Leader; David Marriott, and the approval body Southdown Materials Testing visited our site to view the entire welding process. The gauge welded was 12mm, which has now become our thickest achieved to date, and we were required to provide the materials full chemical and mechanical certification as part of the approval process.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering will continue to invest in our welding skillset to ensure our customers metal components are manufactured and welded to the highest possible quality and will allow us to manufacture larger and heavier welded assemblies.

View our welding capabilities here: https://www.jcel.co.uk/welding

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