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The Most Cost Effective UK Manufacturing Method

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd can offer all our customers the most cost effective manufacturing method for metal components.

Our metal pressing / stamping manufacturing facilities, can produce hundreds of components per hour, which saves both time and money, and for volumes over 5000 per year; customers will be guaranteed a payback from investing in press tooling.

All our press tooling is maintained in our tool-room in house, and will be inspected before and after each production run to give our customers the security of prolonging their tools life cycle in producing quality parts.

Jenks & Cattell’s presses can stamp metal parts in mild steel, high strength steel, copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminium.

AIDA Transfer Line

Our AIDA Transfer Line allows one metal component to be transferred between a maximum of 6 presses, completing up to 6 different operations, starting from a blank piece of metal. On the final stage, the component will come off the press completed.

Our AIDA Line is made up of 5 x 200 tonne presses and 1 x 150 tonne press and can manufacture small-medium sized components.

Due to the option to have 6 individual tools to manufacture one part, this is ideal method for complex metal pressings from an automated method of production with pick and place transfer literally transferring the metal component to each staged press.

Progression Presses

Jenks & Cattell Engineering have an impressive range of coil-fed progression presses which effectively give the same benefits of our AIDA Transfer Line presses, including a finished component being complete off one press and operation.

This automated press pulls through strips of material from coil and feeds into the press where one stamping die will have several internal operations to manufacture various stages of a complex part, and the last punch of the press will crop the finished component ready for packaging, or further processes.

Our progression presses can stamp small-large components up to 1 meter in size, and can have as many operations as required.


To understand if your metal component would benefit from our progression or transfer presses, please contact a member of our sales team to discuss on 01902 305530 or

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